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My Health Update.


Someone stood under an umbrella in a cemetery.
Me trying something a little more creative.

I think my last health update was at the start of the year.

My arthritis is still playing up I find it incredibly hard to kneel. Crouching is a complete out of the question as I can’t get back to standing from there, which isn’t great when I am out with my camera and wanting to take low-level pictures. Mt fatigue is usually just moderate unless I have been really busy in the week then it can be extremely hard to do anything. I am now taking naproxen as this is safe while TTCing and in early pregnancy. Although it’s not as effective as I found methotrexate.

With regard to our TTCing, I had 21-day blood done to check that I am ovulating and my husband had his sperm tested both came back with no issues. We were then referred to the fertility clinic. When went for our appointment in July she went through a couple of health and lifestyle questions then said our infertility appeared to be unexplained. She mentioned a test I could have done since I had a miscarriage. The test was tubal patency where a dye is pushed through your Fallopian tubes while an ultrasound is done, this checks for any blockages.  She then proceeded to talk us out of having it done stating it would just be a formality and it was unlikely anything would be found. Taking on board her advice we decided not to go ahead.

She then mentioned IVF which is not a route we plan on taking as we already have children and we feel there are a lot of families out there who would benefit from this more than us. We were then advised to make some lifestyle changes, eating healthier and exercising more. She did mention my age may also be a factor but there is nothing I can do about that. (Unfortunately)

It has now been two months since we saw her and we have come to the decision we do want to go ahead with the test. It might come back clear but what if I do get pregnant and there is a blockage, resulting in the pregnancy being ectopic. That would mean I would have to have a termination and I just don’t think I would be able to face that.

I visited my GP and spoke it over with him. He agrees that I should have the test done even if just for peace of mind. He is going to contact them and advise that I have changed my mind and would like added to the waiting list. I also mentioned the not being able to crouch so he is referring me to physiotherapy to see if they can assist.

While I wait for those appointments we will continue to TTC.

For now, while I wait I need to get motivated and focus on losing some weight. I know I have been saying that since day one of this blog. In my defence, I did lose weight 2 years ago but just couldn’t keep it off. I won’t be doing a blog post on my journey unless I start to see some decent results. Motivation has alway been my issue. I am going to try and start small aiming to lose 14lbs. I have downloaded a new app Lifesum which allows you to follow whichever program you feel would suit best. I am going to try 6:1 its the same concept as 5:2 but only done on one day. I do more around enough as I try to make sure I get the 10,000 most days.

So that is where I am at. Hopefully, I can finish this year lighter healthier and if not pregnant at least with a clearer idea of where to start next year.

Thank you for reading. x

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Our Weekend 17/09/16

This weekend was a little different we need to go choose for paint for Alessa room so that it could be picked it when payday comes around.

We wanted this to be her decision, after all, it’s her that will spend most of the time in there and we want it to feel like her space. She has already picked her paper which I will show in a later post. Alessa told me on the way to the retail park that it had to be green.

When we arrived I took down off the shelves the greens that would be suitable. It can’t be too dark as her room is very small. After 2 seconds of deliberations, she chose French Vine. It isn’t showing up very well in the picture but its similar to mint green. I have bought a tester pot so that is on this weeks to do list.

We decided that since we were here we would have a walk around. She loved the garden centre and really wanted a heather plant. We currently don’t have anywhere to plant one of those so she settled for a capsicum which was reduced to 50p and I bought a Mulberry candle. Last of the big spenders.

We then went to Toy’r’us we were looking for things to take pictures of to send to Santa (I know little early but Santa wants to be more organised this year) This also works at stopping her from asking for toys for now. She picked a few things that I won’t include here but you’ll have a general idea from the two picture I have shared that there is a distinct theme to her choices.

Next into Dunelm Mill. I love everything in here. If I had an unlimited budget it would be used here. This faux Christmas bouquet is beautiful and I may return later for. We were still on our spending spree and only purchased bunting and a blue candle.


Now into the shop, Alessa really came for Hobbycraft. She originally wanted another (she already has 2) paper mache horse but when she saw the unicorn that was it. You can’t come here and not buy a sun catcher since there only a £1. We also bought some stickers and two silver candle votive.

The plastic pony is from Tesco’s where we finished up popping in for some teas. This is the way she likes to travel around the supermarket.

The final picture is her back home painting her sun catcher and eating a chocolate cookie.

I hope you enjoyed our trip around the shops and I will share a picture of Alessa’s finished room in a later post.

Next week I believe Alessa has decided (weather permitting) that it’s a picnic in the woods.

Thank you for reading. x


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Our Weekend 10/09/16

This weekend we went say goodbye to the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail and to photograph the statues that had been travelling across Scotland. This has been a big part of our summer so I knew Alessa would enjoy it.If you haven’t had a chance to read the previous post

If you haven’t had a chance to read the previous post here is the link.

This was a ticketed event and all the proceeds will be going to the Archie Foundation. This event ran from Friday afternoon through to Sunday. The tickets were for a one hour slot which was plenty time to see them even with all the people who were there.


Alessa loved getting the chance to see Glow actually glow which hadn’t been possible for us before as we don’t drive and being summer would have meant taking her on public transport at 10pm down to the waterfront.  I really wanted to see the William Wallace and as you can see from picture Alessa wasn’t keen.

All of these little ones were designed by local schools. Some of them were very well thought out but they were all brilliant. These will be put back on display in local libraries. The boy in the pictures below with Alessa is her cousin.

My little miss does pull some funny faces when its time for me to take her picture. The bottom one where she is pointing is her just realising she hasn’t taken a single picture and we are almost done.

Alessa had a sit on one of Wullie’s buckets and was lucky enough not to be chased away by him like this poor lady.

They have now had the auction and it exceeded everyone’s expectations. They raised £883,000 from the sale of 70 Oor Wullie statues. Here are a few of the final prices:

  • Oor Original went for £50,000.
  • Oor Golfer £20,000
  • Minecraft £34,000
  • Glow £12,000
  • Wullie Wallace £12,000

There are a few who have been purchased with the intent of staying in Dundee. Both of the football Wullie’s will go to their respective grounds. Lifesaver Wullie was bought by RLNI Broughty Ferry and When Wullie Met Dr Manhattan was gifted to University of Dundee By the chairman of 4J studios.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing this event. Did you have a favourite?

The money is going to help a lot of sick children and if you haven’t yet visited The Archie Foundation then please do.


Thank you for reading. x

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Our weekend 3/9/16

Barnhill Rock Garden

This weekend we decided to return to Broughty Ferry as we had seen a nature reserve  and rock garden when we were her last week.

We started in the rock garden. They had a tree hunt on so we collected a leaflet and set about finding the 10 trees. Alessa loves this kind of thing and insisted I take a picture of her with each (I blame the Oor Wullie Trail). So below are pictures of her with each of the trees.

We decided to also have lunch here too so found a bench that was under a tree as the weather was being temperamental. After the tree hunt and we had inspected the flowers there are some unusual looking flowers here.

The nature reserve was beautiful and peaceful to walk around. We started by climbing the stairs to the bridge that takes you over the tracks although we weren’t actually going over Alessa just wanted to have a look. Once we were back down we came across a carving of a mushroom which I helped Alessa onto. This is one of my favourite pictures as she cuddles Doc McStuffin. We were quite surprised by just how many Bluebells there were here.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our weekend. Did you do anything fun? x

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#Pointshoot Our Weekend

If you saw #MySundayPhoto then you will know we went to the beach this weekend.

When we set off it wasn’t the best weather so we thought Broughty Ferry might not be busy. We were wrong as it turns out everyone had the same idea and a fair few had also brought their camera’s.

We still had a lovely day, Alessa was looking for some sea glass and shells to take home with her. We are fortunate that we have two types of beach a stone and a sand. We also have a viewing point and a castle. So we decide to explore.

I forgot to mention Doc McStuffin joined us.

We saw a Lions Mane jellyfish swimming which Alessa loved watching then when we were on the sand beach we saw one lying in the sand so she was able to get a closer look. She collected quite a few shells and bits to bring home and I picked up a few very small ones to practice using the macro setting on my camera with.

We also found another red phone box and this one looks like it’s here to stay. Alessa was a little shocked to hear this is how we used to talk to our friends and family. Made me feel very old.

We also planned to reach the 3rd floor of the castle (the 2nd floor is the furthest we usually manage) but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. The only way into and out of the castle is a very tight spiral staircase. Alessa wasn’t feeling brave as she put it so we only made it as far as the first floor.

After the beach, we always have a look around the charity shops here. There are 8 in the one street. She found a Fireman Sam DVD, a turtles hat and a stuff Husky dog teddy £3 well spent. I never found anything.

charity buys.jpg

Sunday we spend at home recharging before we start school week again.  Alessa relaxed and watched her new DVD and played with her horses. I don’t have any pictures from this as my camera batteries were also recharging.

Thank you for reading.

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#MySundayPhoto A day at the beach

With my Alessa now at school I plan on taking her out for the day during the weekend. So this week since the weather was good we decided to have one last visit to the beach before the weather really changes.

This is Broughty Ferry beach and Tayport in the distance which shares the River Tay with us before it joins the North Sea. You can also just see the Tay Road Bridge.

Alessa loves the beach and no matter how cold insists she must put her feet into the water.

Beach August 2016 (254).JPG