#MySundayPhoto A day at the beach

With my Alessa now at school I plan on taking her out for the day during the weekend. So this week since the weather was good we decided to have one last visit to the beach before the weather really changes.

This is Broughty Ferry beach and Tayport in the distance which shares the River Tay with us before it joins the North Sea. You can also just see the Tay Road Bridge.

Alessa loves the beach and no matter how cold insists she must put her feet into the water.

Beach August 2016 (254).JPG


Dundee Motor Show 2016

This past weekend we attended the Dundee Motor Show which is organised by dmoft. We had visited last year and enjoyed it. People who have a vehicle they would like to show to the public registered in advance and I think this makes it more interesting as you can see car and bikes which have had time, money and love put into them. This means not all the cars are old so there is a good mix. This is a free event which is always a bonus when you have kids as outings can be expensive. The event was held in a park near us which allowed us to walk there saving on travel costs.

This year my husband was able to join us which isn’t always the case since he works nights and would normally be asleep. We arrived about an hour after it started and there was a good crowd of people. We could hear the pipe band playing which always seems to fit well with this kind of event.Dundee Motor Show (3).jpg

Alessa loved running around looking at the cars and the stalls. She also enjoyed getting to sit in some of the vehicles although not all of the people showing allow this. I would advise asking before hand.

Now on to some of my favourite images of the day (not that I don’t love the ones with Alessa)

The hearse at the top really made me chuckle. Maybe if I live to a good old age I will book it for my funeral they say you should celebrate death. There quite a few army vehicles and even some guns which a lot of parents seemed keen to get a picture of their child posing with, this really unnerved me.  We all loved the Batman car and the poses of the Batman figures. Elvis even made an appearance.

Dundee Motor Show.jpg

The stall that the Elvis figure was on didn’t have prices on things and I hate having to ask. They had some lovely old cameras.  We will definitely be attending again next year.

I hope you enjoyed our little tour of the motor show. Do you have something similar near you? Which car is your favourite?

First day of school.

Today my little girl started primary school. I can’t believe how quickly it came around. She could have started last year as her birthday landed before the cut of period but we felt another year of nursery would be beneficial to her. I am glad we did she is so much more mature now and able to follow instructions.

She has been excited ever since her last day of nursery.

Alessa School .jpg

Alessa looks so smart in her uniform and very grown up. In Scotland children only go part-time for the first 3 weeks to allow them to adjust to a more structured environment. When I dropped her she was happy and no tears (from either of us). We took her into her the school found her peg for her bag then headed into her class room. One of the teaching assistants took her to her seat and gave her a little learning toy to play with. It was tweezers and beads which Alessa really enjoyed playing with. Mummy and daddy then left she was also fine with this.

When I returned to collect her at 12.15pm she was really happy to see me although she did tell me she hadn’t enjoyed her day. It appears that none of the children she had been at nursery were in her class. Hopefully when we go back tomorrow she will find a new friend who is in a similar situation.

A new scheme has been brought in to Scottish school (maybe elsewhere too) that all children primary 3 and under get a free school meal. As the primary 1’s are only in until 12.15pm they were given a packed lunch home with them which includes a sandwich, piece of fruit, home bake, little tub of salad and carton of juice. Unfortunately Alessa only eats cheese spread on sandwiches and this isn’t one of the options the sandwich would be wasted so I am going to advise school that we don’t require the packed lunch as it would be a waste but when she moves to full-time its a cooked meal which she will eat. I picked up a copy of the menu to double check.

I think this is a fantastic scheme as there are children who don’t get home cooked meals and this will give them this.

Does your little one start school this year?  How are you feeling about it?


Out for a walk in the countryside with my daughter this week we passed this lovely (still working) old red phone box. We had a little look inside and discovered that within the next few weeks it would be removed. So I decided to take a couple of pictures of it. This is my favourite. I used colour selector on my camera so that only the phone box was in colour.
I really like how it turned out.
 red phone box
Do you have one of these old phone boxes near you?